Extreme Makeover : Amazing Results, Patient Had Neglected Teeth For Over A Year

Extreme Makover:

This is one of my patient who had neglected his mouth for over a year due to fearing the dentist. His fear prevented him from having a regular cleaning at least every six months.

His oral condition got to the point where his teeth were falling off, very mobile and significant infection on his gum.

Treatment completed:

Overview: All of the patient’s teeth had to extracted and cleaned from the infection. The new phase of his treatment was to get his teeth back.

“A picture speaks a thousand words” like people like to say.


As a result, the quality of life of the patient has drastically changed. I cannot find words to describes all of the positive thoughts and feelings going through the patient’s mind! From having an icky infection plus lack of mobility to being able to regain confidence and eat his food correctly.

At New Smile Prosthodontics, our goal is to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. We will go the extra mile to personalize your dental experience, all while delivering the best results possible.

100% Would Recommend

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– Mellisa C. 4/15/2018

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– Cheryl C. 4/4/2018

Rockstar Dentist!

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– Ben B. 11/20/2017

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