Missing one tooth or multiple teeth can affect the chewing efficiency of people. It can also affect the esthetics when the lost tooth is the esthetics zone (front of the mouth).

Many of our patients might think that correcting and restoring the bite is not possible.

At New Smile Prosthodontics, we specialize in turning cases that might seem hopeless into beautiful smiles.

Before their treatment, many patients would cover their smile or try not to smile at all. After we deliver, patients re-learn to smile again and regain their confidence.

Implant Single-Crowns

It can be securely attached to an implant to replace the front and back missing teeth.

A single front implant (in the Aesthetic Zone) is of the most challenging and technique-sensitive procedures due to the high demand for esthetics.

In many instances, when restoring the shape of the papilla, “gum,” to a natural way. It is almost impossible to regain that natural appearance due to bone and gum loss.

Therefore, when removing a front tooth, Dr. Paredes advocates – if possible – taking the tooth out and placing the implant immediately after the extraction to preserve as much bone and gum tissues as possible.

Additional procedures, such as connective tissue graft and bone graft, might be required along with the surgical placement of the implant.

After the surgery, the patient might have a temporary crown placed, and the patient walks out of the dental office with a natural-looking tooth. Some people call this “tooth in a day.”

If a front tooth has been missing for some time, the papilla might be able to be regenerated to some degree by doing soft (gum) and hard (bone) tissue grafting.

Implants crowns in the premolar/molar area are not as aesthetically demanding, so these are much easier to do as long as there are adequate bone and gingival tissue.

If you have any questions about dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, give our office a call for a consultation.

Teeth In A Day:

“Teeth in a Day” or “All on Four” refer to a procedure in which the patient has lost all of her/his teeth or need to be removed then restored by placing 4-6 implants in the upper jaw or lower jaw.

When the initial stability of the implants in the bone is excellent, the temporary denture “bridge” is connected to the implants the day of the surgery. The patient will be able to walk out of the dental office with a bright new smile!

This procedure is commonly known as “teeth in a day.”

The patient must meet the criteria for this treatment.

If there is little bone or a history of infection, a removable denture will be given and delayed (healing) for at least eight weeks before connecting to the implants.

If you have any questions about teeth in a day, call Dr. Paredes’ office for a consultation.

This treatment is a prime solution when restoring the function of chewing plus enhancing esthetics all at once since the teeth of the new “bridge” go from molar-to-molar.

At New Smile Prosthodontics, we provide our patients with the highest quality treatment.