Complications of dental implants that Dr. Paredes at NSP specializes on include, but not limited to:

  • Bone loss around the implants
  • Pain on the implant(s)
  • Implant(s) getting loose
  • Implant infection (aka Peri-implantitis)
  • Fractured prosthesis supported by implants, multi-unit abutments, locator abutments or bar
  • Broken implants crowns
  • Fractured screws inside the implant
  • Lack to prosthetic space
  • Miss-angled implant(s)
  • Speech problems with difficulty making sounds, such as “S”, “P” or “F”
  • Difficulty maintaining the prosthesis clean
  • Lack of bone
  • Enlarged sinus cavity with limited bone for implant placement

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