If we lose any part of our bodies, we know in many cases, they don’t regrow. Also, just losing them is bad enough. Although, no-replacing them is a much tougher deal. As a result, if we lose one or some of our teeth, but find they can be replaced, that should sound great! Also, through advanced Prosthodontics skills, Dr. Paredes can replace one or all teeth from the surgical placement of the implant to the placement of the final restauration. As a result, a dental implant can not only look and function just like a natural tooth, it feel like a natural tooth, as if you never missed a tooth. Add to that, dental implants are quite lasting and durable. That means they could even last a lifetime. Now, that sounds ideal, but is it real? In fact, the answer to that is simple: At New Smile Prosthodontics, Absolutely!

Teeth in 1 day are becoming very popular. It consist of removing any existing teeth, placed the dental implants and attach a temporary denture to the implants the day of surgery. The final prosthesis is delivered 4-6 months later. However, not all patients qualify for this procedure. Please contact us to have a complementary consultation with Dr. Paredes to find out if you are a good candidate.

Dr. Paredes DDS, Dental Implants, Tooth Replacement, and Implant Dentistry

Sometimes, we lose one or more teeth in our mouth affecting our smile. Sometimes, we lose them in the molars creating problems chewing our food well. Without these teeth, we can have a tough time smiling. Also, we can find it hard to chew. As a result, just about anyone, who has lost one or more teeth, in these areas knows the importance of having them. In fact, introducing dental implants can often stop other complications from advancing.

Dr. Paredes has focused much of his time and talent on implant dentistry. His added years of education and experience in Prosthodontics attests to that. As a result, he’s not the average DDS. He is a dental implants dentist and tooth replacement implant dentistry expert. In fact, since our teeth can often make the difference between poor and good overall health, Dr. Paredes specializes in helping many people reclaim their wellbeing. He’s committed to helping his patients with the highest standards in dentistry. Also, Dr. Paredes keeps up with the research and every advancement in the field of implant dentistry. Give New Smile Pros a call for an appt. with Dr. Paredes today.

Dental Implant Basics

The placement of a dental implant depends on sufficient bone present in the vacated tooth area. If bone mass has receded, a procedure for regrowth (bone grafting) may be introduced. Then, once sufficient bone mass is present, the implant procedure can begin.

A typical implant includes a screw-like anchor that goes into the bone. Also, it acts like the ‘root’ for the implant crown. An abutment, often customized, is fabricated to connect the implant and the crown together. This abutment will be used to secure the actual crown to be ready for chewing. Give New Smile Pros a call for an appt. with Dr. Paredes today to renew your bite!!

Types of Dental Implants

Implants create a variety of lasting, durable dental solutions. These include:
1. Single tooth implant
2. Implant Fixed Bridges
3. Implant Overdentures
4. Implant Partial Denture Overdenture
5. Implant Fixed Complete Dentures