Removable Plastic Dentures: Tired of wearing them?

Had Enough Of Your Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures are the most affordable was to replace all the teeth. However, most patients get tired of the limitations, maintenance, and poor fit and retention.

Case Presentation:
This lady had all her lower natural teeth. The teeth were in decent condition, except for failing crowns and some teeth were taller than others. In other words, the bite plane was very uneven. The patient was tired of her upper denture and was looking to have implants to make “permanent teeth.”

Treatment completed:

We placed new porcelain restorations on the lower teeth.
Fixed the bite plane.
Placed six implants in the upper jaw with some bone graft.
After the implants healed, a fixed complete denture or “permanent teeth” tailored to her liking.
“Fixed Dentures: permits a complete arch prosthesis to be securely attached to multiple implants so that it cannot be removed by the patient.”

The satisfaction of this patient was incomprehensible because we restored the ability to chew any food, including apples, a salad, and a “juicy steak.”

Happily Ever After:

Her quality of life and health significantly improved. She could chew adequately rather than having to swallow large pieces of food. Her digestion was enhanced considerably.

At New Smile Prosthodontics we listen to your needs. When the patient is committed and engaged in her/his treatment, the outcome can be very satisfying. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or set up a complimentary consultation!

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