Professionals: We Get It, You Are “Too” Busy!

Your Teeth Should Not Be A Casualty

Professionals often don’t have or don’t create enough time to take care of themselves, including their smile. A busy life can force a person to forget about investing in their health. Whether you are working a 9-5 job, running a Start-Up or a Solo-Entrepreneur with five kids; out of the thousand ideas and tasks, you take care of throughout the day. Make sure you create time for your mental and physical health, especially your smile!

Dental Facts and Tips: For Your Busy Professionals

  1. Make Time for a Checkup: There is no time like the present, are you available tomorrow? See if your dentist has availability, if not book an exam. It is more efficient to invest in preventative care.
  2. Unpredictable Schedule?: Keep a toothbrush in your car, purse, backpack or office. Whether you love coffee breaks, garlic noodles or hot dogs with extra onions for lunch. It is always refreshing to go back to work with a minty mouth!
  3. In Case of an Emergency: Save your dentist’s contact info in your cell phone or keep a business card in your wallet. If you think you need to talk to someone, you most likely do. If you are my already my patient in San Diego or Murrieta, make sure you have either one of my numbers. 619-548-4825 or 951-696-8200
  4. Over Seas Emergency?: Call the Consulate or Embassy and ask their employees for recommendations, this can provide you with an independent option.

Case Presentation:

This patient is in the computer science industry. He often spends many hours traveling all over the country and the world. In the back of his mind, he is well aware of the health problems brewing in his mouth. His front teeth were falling off, and his tooth gaps were getting more substantial, the looks are getting worst every day.

He is ready to make a change in his life. Ideally, the patient would like to keep as many of his teeth as possible. He is opposed to having dental implants.

Treatment completed:
After a careful evaluation of each tooth. I determined that we must remove all teeth with severe mobility, then crown the remaining teeth with proper esthetics and reposition of the teeth. The patient agreed and was content with his decision.

We must remember to take care of our bodies, with healthy routines. By being conscious of our bodies, exercising, eating healthy and visiting the dentist and physicians semi-annually.

We should enjoy this life to its fullest with an awesome smile! In the end, it is more cost & time effective to invest in preventative care (i.e., regular check-ups & proper care) than losing a couple of teeth.


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