Patient Case Study: How To Save Your Front Teeth

Patient Case Study: How To Save Your Front Teeth

Periodontal Disease: What could happen if you are TOO attached to you teeth?

Advanced periodontal disease can cause your teeth to move, lose gum, expose the roots, crowd you teeth and create esthetic problems.

There are patients that rather live with mobile teeth filled with pus and pain, but they are not willing to take out those infected teeth. This situation can affect your entire health since all the bacteria in your gums constantly circulates from head to toe. If you have any specific questions, schedule an appointment today for a complimentary consultation.

Clinical Case:

I would like to share what this patient lived through. My patient did suffer from the periodontal disease in the past. All the back teeth were very infected, severe mobility, pain when chewing and abscesses. However, the disease was controlled int he front teeth. The back teeth were hopeless and had to be removed. My patient absolutely wanted to keep her natural look by keeping her front teeth. She was willing to do whatever it takes to keep them. The patient is aware that these teeth are not in the best conditions and can cause pain and require removal in the future. Visit our office in San Diego or Murrieta and to learn about your options for treatment.

Overall Treatment:

Periodontal disease was treated
Back teeth removed
Bone graft was done to restore the bone lost
Two Implants placed in each side to fabricate an implant supported bridge
Final restorations made
The front teeth are maintained with good oral care

+ This is the final result after removing upper and lower back teeth, bone graft, implant placement and final porcelain crowns.

+ Occlusal view of the upper teeth show the implant bridges on the back teeth.


Do not wait for the Periodontal disease destroy your bone and gum or when the teeth are loose and hurting. It is challenging to regenerating bone with bone grafts once the bone is gone. However, when the treatment is executed properly, and the patient cooperates, the result can be outstanding, as in this case. Why waiting until the conditions are too severe


The front teeth have mobility but the patient loves having this look. She does not want perfect teeth. There is a history of periodontal disease. The patient has very good hygiene today and wishing to keep her front teeth. All the back teeth were removed due to infection and implant placed. There is an implant supported bridge on each side of the mouth.

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