When our teeth aren’t healthy, we just aren’t at our best. Also, we need our teeth. It’s hard to chew without them! As a result, tooth care ranks right up there with primary body care. Although, while most would agree that’s true, the cost of dental care can be prohibitive for some. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to get basic and routine affordable dental care? And, wouldn’t it be great to get that for a price that will make you smile? Well, here’s some good news. At New Smile Prosthodontics, we understand and want to invite everyone to take good care of their teeth. As a result, we offer a basic dental cost savings in-house dental plan. That means at New Smile, you can maintain good, affordable dental care and health without financial worry.

New Smile Pros Basic Dental Cost Savings In-House Dental Plan – Affordable Dental Care

It is important for people to get oral check ups at least twice a year. Since tooth decay is ‘always on the prowl’, these check ups can even lead to cavity-free teeth. Also, healthy gums play a major role in oral health. Like teeth, they impact our overall health and well being. As a result, they also need to be in good shape.

Prevention is the main focus for basic dental services at New Smile Prosthodontics. Our routine dental appointments include: Exam, teeth cleaning, x-rays (as needed), checks for cavities, gum issues and teeth alignment. In addition, you’ll get the best advice and recommendations on toothbrushes, gum irrigators, and so on.

No one wants to lose their teeth to decay or gum disease. Also, no one should want to undergo things like root canals. The New Smile Pros basic dental cost savings in-house dental plan helps you avoid these issues, at a cost that will make you Smile. In fact, for just an annual cost of $365.00 – $1 dollar a day – you can get affordable dental care, and take control of your oral health now.

Find out more about our basic dental cost savings in-house dental plan. Call at (619) 548-4825 (San Diego) or (951) 696-8200 (Murrieta) or email us today. Let New Smile Prosthodontics keep a great smile in your life.