Living with Periodontal Disease and How It Made Me Feel

Esthetic Complications Caused by Bone Loss due to Periodontal Disease are serious.

Periodontal disease does not cause any pain like a physical cut or injury does. It is a silence disease when gums tend to be inflamed and bleed. Many patients, at some point in their lives, experienced a lack of care for his/her teeth due to various reasons; Raging from neglect, depression, or inability to receive oral care. If you have any immediate questions feel free to schedule an appointment today for a complimentary consultation.

Clinical Case:

To help you understand this type of situation, one of my patients was happy to share her case with you all! This lady is in her 60s and her self-confidence hasn’t been the greatest, in addition, she tries to limit her smile when going out. Consequentially her social life has decreased because she is embarrassed to show her teeth.

The patient was able to afford oral care until a later age. By then, the periodontal disease had advanced and caused bone loss, mobility of the teeth, some teeth were lost, the bite changed, teeth started supra-erupting. What bother the patient the most was the esthetics and the inability to chew. Contact us to have an evaluation. Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worst.

+ This is a picture taken of her while smiling

The complexity of the case: Highly Complex

This case involves bone loss, roots exposed, poor esthetics, bite problems, missing teeth, gum deficiency, loose teeth.

+ Frontal View of her teeth

Possible Solutions For Our Patient

At New Smile Prosthodontics we offer you several options for treatment that may include:

Remove all teeth and do implant-supported prostheses fixing the position of the teeth and the gum
Conventional complete dentures or dentures assisted with implants, aka “snap on dentures”
New crowns and veneers on the teeth that can be saved. This option will improve some the esthetics since margins of crowns should not be placed at the tooth root.
Simply do nothing, just leave it as is, enjoy life, be happy and keep the teeth very clean
Call or book an appointment now for your free consultation and learn about your options for treatment


This is a highly complex case to fix all the problems, but hopeless cases like this one can turn out amazingly beautiful when the patient is ready to make the change in his/her life. At NSP, we will not put pressure to do any treatment when you come for your appointment. The most successful results are achieved when you, the patient, is ready.


Don’t avoid oral care, especially if it’s covered by insurance. Prevention is the best care.

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