History of Drug Addiction and Losing Teeth

Side Effects of Drug Addiction:

Drug addiction can bring all sorts of problems. Some drugs can have a very low PH making them very acidic. Besides, affecting the body and the nervous system, it can dramatically change the teeth causing gross caries and losing teeth.

Case Presentation:
This young guy in his mid-30s had an addiction to drugs, including methamphetamine. At this point in his life, he only smokes cigarettes. However, due to neglect, drugs, and cigarettes, his teeth got worse every year. As a result, we had to remove all upper teeth and lower back teeth.

Keeping them is not an option because of the state of his teeth and associated pain.

Overall, the results made the patient extremely happy.

Are you Wondering What Happened To Him?

He got a new job, started to date again. According to him, his life is much better.

At New Smile Prosthodontics, we treat complex cases that are seemingly hopeless or have a long history of problems. Whenever the patient is ready to make that change in his/her life, we can help them turn their current smile into an immaculate one. A smile where the patient regains the ability to eat correctly, smile with vigor and help transform their perspective on life.

If you have any questions about this case study, feel free to call me or set up a complimentary consultation. We have Dental Suites in both San Diego and Murrieta.

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