Cosmetic Dentistry: A Smart Investment In Life

Cosmetic Dentistry: A Smart Investment in Yourself

If you happen to be on the journey towards a great smile, the first step is to understand no one is perfect! We all have unusual and unique features, and at the end of the day, our health is the most important. Luckily there are many steps you can take that will lead you to a gorgeous and healthy smile. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed by or self-conscious about how your teeth look, you’re not alone. Smiling in photographs or starting conversations with someone new can be quite cumbersome. Luckily, due to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, anyone can achieve a great smile! Contact us for your complimentary consultation. Contact us for your complimentary consultation.

Some Aesthetic Concerns & How To Address Them

A great cosmetic dentist is there to help you understand any aesthetic concerns. Plus lay out a plan that will leave you to smile like never before.

Many cosmetic dentist will specialize in these services below. If you happen to be in the Murrieta or San Diegoarea, feel free to stop by. We will be glad to help you with any concerns.
• Discolored or stained enamel
• Uneven, chipped, worn teeth
• Gaps or spaces
• Crowding
• Misshaped teeth
• Outdated dental work
• Missing teeth
• “Gummy” smiles
• Sunken-in facial profile caused by tooth loss
• “Long” teeth (receding gumlines)

What’s Involved in a “Smile Makeover?”

Cosmetic dentistry is our specialty, all of our smile makeovers start with a consultation and exam with our cosmetic specialist. Starting with gum evaluation, digital images and possibly an impression of your teeth. Afterward, we will discuss what aspects of your smile would you like to address. Then create a custom timeline and proposed budget. Once our cosmetic specialist analyzes all factors, we will present you our recommendation.

In most cases, our patients have a variety of options to chose from; For example, if you wish to have whiter and straighter teeth. You may opt to get dental veneers or receive an in-house whitening treatment. Schedule your appointment now

Finally, our cosmetic specialist will outline all steps necessary to achieve a successful transformation. You will be able to co-plan your journey with our teams at San Diego or Murrieta.

A Cosmetic Treatment for Every Budget

A few decades ago, cosmetic dental treatments consisted of temporary procedures. These lasted a few days (at most) and were primarily used for Hollywood productions. Today, aesthetic procedures are accessible to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Here are a few of the life-changing options that New Smile Pros offers for our patients:

Custom Veneers

A.K.A “The Hollywood Smile” are custom, hand-crafted shells of porcelain. The veneers bond to the front of the teeth in your visible “smile zone.” Each one aligned to the next, creating a stunning appearance. Dental veneers often reflect a gorgeous straight, white, shaped smile.

Depending on the type of veneers you select, you can usually complete your procedure over 2 – 3 appointments over two weeks.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a perfect stand-alone treatment or add-on to your other cosmetic dental procedures. We frequently recommend whitening your teeth before beginning other aesthetic steps, so that new restorations can match with the base shade of the neighboring teeth. Our in-house and take-home kits provide dramatically better results than anything you can buy from a commercial retailer.

If time isn’t on your side our same day treatments are the perfect choice! Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy teeth whitenings, teens can chose this option as well. In-House Treatment is the best for that wedding coming up or that job interview!

Cosmetic Bonding 

Tiny flaws in your smile can have a tremendous impact on how you look. Something as minor as a chipped tooth may be reason enough to shy away from social situations. Fortunately, a single-visit procedure known as dental bonding can swiftly and painlessly mask aesthetic flaws in your enamel. In most cases, the tooth will not be numb.

Dental Implants

Implants are a functional restoration that allows us to address the concern of missing teeth. Each artificial root serves to reinforce your facial profile and replicate the appearance of a new tooth, whether it’s one or all of them. At New Smile Prosthodontics, your implant restoration consists of a crown, bridge, or implant supported denture that’s functional yet beautiful all at the same time. The most significant part about implants is their lifetime longevity.

White Fillings

Composite fillings are free of unsightly metals (and mercury,) and less invasive to your tooth enamel. They’re healthier — and more beautiful — for your smile as a whole. If you have older amalgam fillings that are starting to leach out into your enamel and beginning to make it appear gray, or you have new cavities that need to be filled, we can custom match the material to blend in so that the final restoration isn’t noticeable to others. Schedule your appointment online or call us

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

In instances where trauma, injury, or tooth decay involves a more significant portion of tooth structure, a filling may not be appropriate. Crowns are made from high-quality porcelain protect the tooth up to your gumlines and. Your treated tooth is both stronger as well as aesthetically pleasing. A bridge bonds multiple crowns side-by-side for tooth replacement purposes.

Soft Tissue Therapy

The frame around your teeth is just as important as your enamel when it comes to optimal aesthetics. “Gummy” smiles or receding gumlines can detract from even the most beautiful of teeth. Adjusting the margin of your gingiva is sometimes an overlooked procedure that plays an integral part in the final appearance of other cosmetic treatments.

At New Smile Prosthodontics we make having the smile of your dreams a reality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Murrieta or San Diego to meet with one of our cosmetic dental specialists. Flexible financing plans are available!

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