Can A Dental Implant Show A Gray Margin Of The Crown?

Problems With The Implant:
Angulation of the implant was off
The amalgam was plugging the head making it impossible to place a driver, remove it and, set a better one.
The current crown has a recession, and the patient hates showing a dark line on top of the crown
There is very little gum around the implant crown, and it’s thin.

Proposed Treatment For The Patient:

Remove the implant but could create a and functional and gum.
Place a connective tissue graft and re-prepare the margins of the existing abutments as high as possible and make a new crown
Do nothing. Leave it as is.

Overall: The patient ended treatment to do a connective tissue graft to augment the gum and a new crown. A case to fix. And preparation of the abutment with the first step in our way to get her beautiful for this patient.

Conclusion: Plugging the access implant screw into the access hole with a hard material. In this case, Teflon tape will be good enough.

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