A Hard Worker, Losing Her Ability To Smile

As life goes on, family, kids, work, bills, etc., will come first. Making it relatively easy to allow your smile to deteriorate. You might think this normal since we are all getting older. However, the problem will keep persisting and growing as the year’s pass. This dangerous mix of negligence and time has resulted in losing multiple teeth.

This patient had spent the last two decades of her life raising the kids, working and just doing what she had to do. She started missing teeth, and her front teeth started protruding. Her smile got worst, and the type of food she could eat became restricted to soft food.

For this patient, losing her teeth and not caring for her smile was no big deal at first. She thought it was part of the process of aging. Until one day she realized that she wanted to make a change in her life, go out, laugh without being conscious of how her teeth look and most of all, be able to chew solid meals.

She couldn’t believe it!…
After we completed the treatment, tears were rolling down the patient’s eyes. Her face in awe, she regained her beauty and confidence instantaneously. She was completely shocked!

According to the patient, a new chapter in her life was starting. A New Smile Prosthodontics we can help you make that change in your life by making a difference in your smile positively. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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