Payment Options:

  1. Dental insurance (up to the maximum coverage)
  2. Cash, check or credit card
  3. CareCredit or Lending Club (6 months only interest free)
  4. Alternative Payment Plan Program

Dental Insurances:

New Smile Prosthodontics (NSP) is primarily a fee for service dental office. Please keep in mind that most PPO insurance companies will pay a percentage of your dental treatment. Also, it is recommended that the patient know the maximum benefits per calendar year. New Smile Prosthodontics accepts most PPOs dental insurances as an “out-of-network” provider. In other words, we have our own fee schedule for all procedures. You, the patient, are financially responsible to pay the fee that is not covered by your insurance. For instance, if your maximum annual benefits is $2,000.00 and your treatment will cost $2,500.00, you, the patient, is responsible for paying the amount that is not paid by your insurance. In this example would be $500.

Alternative Payment Plan Program:

Any patient that has financial limitation can apply for the Alternative Payment Plan Program (APPP). This program consist of making comfortable payment plans that can be as low as $100. The two main requirements to be approved for this program are; 1) the patient is required to put down at least 25% down of the total cost of the treatment. 2) The final prosthesis/crowns/restorations will be delivered on the month all the dental treatment is paid off. Please keep in mind that the patient will be kept in provisional restorations and these provisionals can break, which will add additional costs to the total treatment.

Call now to get more information and find out what payment option works best for you.